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Tanzoffensive Nettersheim eV is the sponsoring association of Tanzoffensive Berlin

Tanzoffensive Nettersheim eV promotes cultural education in the fields of dance, theater and singing for children, young people and adults.

Our goal is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to discover and develop artistically.
The intensive work in the various artistic areas promotes and challenges the potential of the eleven, regardless of talent and experience, skin color and ethnicity, age, gender or social background.
The experience of the students in experiencing the performing arts is a
dive into another world.

The Tanzoffensive Nettersheim eV was founded in 2005 by Doris Neff, dance and theater teacher,  founded.
The headquarters of  Tanzoffensive Nettersheim eV  is in Nettersheim.

We are a non-profit association and promote the cultural education of children, young people and adults in the field of dance
and the performing arts.
We are a training institute recognized by the RP Cologne for pre-training in "stage dance".
The Tanzoffensive in Nettersheim and Berlin offers an extensive training program in the fields of dance, expression and the performing arts.
Beginning with early dance education, through to classical ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, hip hop and step dance, everyone has the opportunity to learn different dance styles.

The age structure in the dance offensive is different. The “smallest” eleven learn their first dance steps in early dance education. But adults also have the opportunity to take part in courses.

Regular performances are part of the training program  of musicals, dance and theater performances.

Discipline, perseverance, good manners,  Fairness, team spirit and important values and social skills are very important to us.
The Tanzoffensive organizes the International Dance Weeks in Nettersheim and /or in Berlin” every year.

The promotion of young talent is also important to us, the eleven who aspire to a professional dance career are in good hands with us. We accompany and advise these students on their way to becoming a professional stage dancer. 

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