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Stage dance pre-training classes


With the new school year, the dance offensive starts with the pre-training classes for stage dance at the Tanzoffensive Berlin.

Children and young people who want to get involved intensively with dance and who may be aiming for a career in dance,

we offer professional, intensive dance training that prepares you for training as a stage dancer.

Anyone who later wants to practice dance professionally should start training intensively at an early age.


- body feeling

- Condition, Strength, Agility

- good memory for step sequences,

- Quick comprehension

- a good ear for music

- a strong personal expression

is trained through intensive training



An admission to the pre-training classes

can be done from the age of 7.

Joy and passion for dance is ours

important! Flexibility, strength and condition can be learned.

Of course, you also need talent, but 80% is the diligent and intensive training. Not every child is created for classical ballet and perhaps has its advantages in modern dance or develops a taste for theater and acting.

At the dance offensive, the children have the opportunity and time to develop and unfold in dance.



The basic training takes place in classical dance. The students learn the basics of classical ballet and have, depending on the level, 3 - 6

Ballet class once a week.

Subjects such as contemporary, jazz dance and performing arts are also part of the pre-training and also take place in an integrated manner with other dance courses in the dance offensive. You can choose these courses yourself.

A harmonious atmosphere and respectful interaction with each other has top priority at Tanzoffensive.

Competition and competitive thinking among the students should not be an issue.  

We accompany the children on their way to a dance career. For later vocational training and the selection of the academy, we support our students with words and deeds. Every day is a new day where you can learn and achieve a lot. We coordinate the daily lessons and lesson times with parents and children.

Stage I:          7  - 9 years 3-4 times training per week

Stage II:       10-13 years 4-5 times training per week

Stage III:       14-16 years 5-6 times training per week

Training Fees:

Level I        €100.00

Stage II        €130.00

Stage III       €160.00

Students in the training classes can also take part in all dance offensive courses free of charge.  


Even if the children later take a completely different career path, what they have learned, the disciplined work and determination will be a constant companion in their lives .


Interested parties please send an email to:

We will contact you and arrange a trial session. 

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