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Early dance education:                
Suitable for children over 3 years old.

In this dance class, the children can live out their urge to move. The course is structured in a playful way, with forms of movement such as hopping, running, jumping, walking and turning being refined and differentiated. Furthermore, a sense of tact is playfully conveyed.

Early dance education at Tanzoffensive means:

Encouraging and developing joy in movement, as well as creativity and musicality, recognizing and mitigating possible postural defects and learning basic dance forms in a playful way.  

The course is the perfect basis for children's ballet.

Kinderballett ab 3 Jahren Berlin

children's ballet:

Suitable for children from the age of 5, exceptions possible in the case of talent. 

After the basic training, the early dance education, the children's ballet follows. As a rule, the eleven are between 5 and 7 years old. In this dance class, children learn the basics of classical ballet. Different arm and foot positions and getting to know the ballet barre for the first time.  We would like to point out that the lessons here are also structured in a playful way and that the basic forms of movement learned are deepened. The combination of different dance steps and the creation of small dances is the focus of the dance offensive in children's ballet lessons.

Classic ballet:

suitable for children from the age of 8, exceptions possible in the case of talent

Mastering classical dance gracefully is the goal of this course. It begins with training on the ballet barre and learning classical forms of movement. The class of classical ballet is structured into learning the barre exercise, various dance sequences and exercises outdoors - in the middle. The "classical ballet" dance course at Tanzoffensive teaches the students body tension and harmony of movement and, thanks to the expertise of our teachers, is perfect preparation for a professional career as a dancer.






















Jazz Dance:

The jazz scene is alive! Joy of movement and expressiveness give rise to lively dance ideas. Isolation technique, coordination training, step connections, small choreographies, dynamics, modern music, exertion, fun, laughter. All that is jazz dance at the Tanzoffensive. Young people and adults can currently take part in jazz dance lessons.


Dhe "Theatre" course in the Tanzoffensive includes acting classes. This course is aimed at children, teenagers and adults. Acting classes show you everything you carry with you all the time, but maybe didn't even know. The dance offensive would like to accompany you and show you the great possibilities you have. The only thing you have to bring to class is yourself. We will work imaginatively and creatively together, improvise, do scenic exercises, try role-playing games, read and work on texts and scenes together and work towards performances and film projects. The contents of the lessons are acting technique, improvisation, scene work, role work, body awareness, speech training, voice training and singing.

The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.

Hip hop:

Suitable for children aged 9+.

The "Hiphop" dance course at Tanzoffensive combines cool mooves and elements of street dance. Rounded off with trendy  and timeless songs from R 'n' B, Hip Hop, Soul, Pop and Rap. Hip hop at Tanzoffensive is dynamic, hip step connections, unusual choreographies, and lots of fun in every lesson.

dance workshop:

Suitable for children aged 9+.

The "Tanzwerkstatt" dance course at Tanzoffensive describes creative dance with elements of hip hop, show dance and musicals. The children and young people also learn gymnastics elements such as bridges or handstands. Accompanied by contemporary music and a lot of fun, the class is a great way to work out and learn different elements of dance at the same time.

modern dance/contemporary:

The tank course is aimed at both young people and adults. The focus is on the expression of feelings, combined with content and technology. The form of expression of modern dance is freer and more varied than that of ballet. Determined by the interplay between rhythmic, flowing and sweeping movements, as well as body tension and relaxation, but also acrobatic elements. A variety of movement sequences and the use of the whole body makes modern dance a unique dance style. Body control, strength, endurance, speed and agility are learned and promoted in the dance offensive in modern dance.

Kinderballett Berlin
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