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Training Fees: ​     As of April 1st, 2022


45 mins       Monthly contribution       €40.00

60 mins       Monthly contribution       €45.00

75 mins       Monthly contribution       €48.00

90 mins       Monthly contribution       €51.00


Tanzflat I - [children's area] monthly contribution  €95.00 - (€75.00  at a  club membership)


Tanzflat II - [adults] monthly fee  €145.00 - (€75.00  at a  club membership)

dance flat:

The Tanzflat entitles you to take part in all courses at the appropriate age and level.

The dance weeks, workshops and pre-training classes for stage dance as well as special pedagogical training courses are excluded from the dance flat rate.


Members of the Tanzoffensive association receive a discount on Tanzflat I and Tanzflat II - this reduces the contribution to Tanzflat to 75.00 


Basic discounts:

Additional courses attended are subject to a discount  for €10.00.

Siblings receive a 50% discount on their chosen course.

The calculation of the monthly tuition fee is based on the tuition course with the longest duration.

Financial support

For information on how to support contributions, see:


Children and young people from families who receive unemployment benefit II, social benefit, social assistance, child allowance, housing benefit or benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act are entitled to claim.

The benefits are granted for children and young people up to the age of 25.

However, the benefits for participating in culture, sport and leisure can only be claimed up to the age of 18

to be entitled to.

Those who receive BAföG usually do not receive any benefits from the education package.


Participation in culture, sport and leisure:
(e.g. ballet school, youth association, sports club, music school)

Amount of benefit: Up to 10 euros per month plus travel expenses

+ Coverage of the costs for purchasing or renting equipment up to 120 euros (of which 30 euros are your own contribution) per year

+ Concessions on travel expenses to the place of leisure if the distance requires it: more than 1 km for elementary school students, more than 2 km for high school students.

+ 10 euros per month for travel costs if the place of leisure (regularly or for tournaments, performances, leisure trips) is outside the ABC tariff zone. Saving is possible.


Submission of the completed application to the social benefits approval office (including proof of the costs of the provider and, if applicable, an invoice for the equipment required)

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