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Tanzoffensive Nettersheim/Berlin eV 
Tanzoffensive Nettersheim eV is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 by Doris Neff.
Anyone who takes part in the Tanzoffensive training program is not automatically a member of the association
Tanzoffensive Nettersheim eV

The association is based in Nettersheim and is the sponsor of the Tanzoffensive Berlin.

It serves to promote dance education for young people and amateurs, as well as training to become a stage dancer and dance teacher. 

The association offers children and young people the opportunity to deal intensively with the subject of dance and the performing arts. Dance and the performing arts are a good way to start learning processes.
In order to inspire and encourage as many children and young people as possible, the eleven are taught according to the curricula developed by Mrs. Doris Neff
  at the dance offensive,  informed. Taking into account the many different needs of children and young people, the classical dance units in particular are designed in such a way that, despite the great discipline that classical dance demands, the students are given freedom for individuality, in which they can express themselves and implement their own ideas. The controlled alternation between disciplined work on technique and choreographies and a controlled "romp" with exercise sequences in which one's own movements can be introduced is a well-established teaching method of Tanzoffensive Berlin. 

We are of the opinion that:
· dance-loving children and young people must be supported
· It is good when children and young people have a specific leisure activity
· Children and young people are better off in the ballet hall than on the street
· an educational, valuable teaching is beneficial for the health of body and mind
Become a supporting member of our association and experience and support yourself
the dancing and
  artistic development of our students. 

Tasks of the association: 
· Financial support for students who cannot afford the monthly training contribution to the Tanzoffensive Nettersheim

· Dance, theater and musical performances with children and young people
· Cultural and educational trips
· Payment of fees for guest lecturers
· Dance weeks and cultural projects
· Support for young dancers and their dance projects 

Annual membership fee: 
Individual Membership:
Family Membership:  €120.00 
Dancers & companies: €96.00
Companies & legal entities: €1020.00 
How do I join?

Application for admission online on our homepage:
On our Berlin site:
Or:  Please apply for admission in writing by post to: 
Tanzoffensive Nettersheim eV

Attn: Ms. Doris Neff
Bizetstrasse 137 
13088 Berlin 
If you are interested, we will of course send you the current club statutes of Tanzoffensive Nettersheim eV.

What advantages do I have if I am a supporting member of Tanzoffensive Nettersheim eV?

First and foremost, of course, we would like to thank you for supporting our children and young people!


• No admission fees for the teaching contract at Tanzoffensive

• 50% discount on Tanzflat I and 22% discount on Tanzflat II

• 20% discount on tickets for Tanzoffensive performances and performances on the Tanzoffensive studio stage

• Invitation to internal events

• 30% discount on course fees for the international Easter dance week in Nettersheim and/or Berlin

• 25% discount on workshops and dance weeks of Tanzoffensive Berlin and/or Nettersheim

• Rehearsal opportunities for professional dancers and companies

What are you waiting for?
You can access the online application for membership here

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